Does good maintenance add new life to the mattress?

Some household items are designed to last longer without or with minimum attention, but few comfortable products with regular use lose their lustre and luxury. Such products need regular cleaning and periodic mattress steam cleaning to maintain their pristine condition. Maintenance has a great contribution to the long life of your precious mattresses. Simply put, well-maintained bedding will last longer than the ones that are laid and forgotten. An unclean mattress can cause health issues for your loved ones and pets. Several methods can be used to deeply clean mattresses and breathe new life into them. One of them is mattress steam cleaning Canberra.

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    What to Do to Breathe New Life in the Mattress?

    • Buy: Always choose the mattress that is fit for the bed. The mattresses that are larger than the bed tend to roll down on the edges and are subjected to uneven pressure. It also damages the structure of the mattress, causing discomfort while sleeping.
    • Covering: Bedspread and bed covering are essential, whereas a comforter is a personal choice. Having coverings prevent accidental spill and body fluids from entering the mattress. Plus, it is advised to use swappable bedspreads and covers, which can be washed and changed frequently to maintain the hygiene of the mattress.
    • Periodic Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning: No matter how well you handle the mattress, dust mites, dead skin cells, and accidental spills are inevitable. Thus, a professional mattress steam cleaning Canberra service is required to completely clean and sanitize them. Get in touch with us and allow our expert steam cleaners to effectively clean your mattress. Further, we use non-toxic and chemical-free solvents to disinfect your mattress.
    • Regular check: A six-month schedule is acceptable. But sometimes mattresses need early clean-up due to various factors such as urine, food spill, or water damage. Keeping a check on the condition of the mattress is essential to avoid severe damage to the mattress.
    • Moisture: Maintain low moisture levels in the room, as damp and humid conditions support the growth of mould, fungus, and bacteria, affecting the health of the user and the mattress.
    • Sunlight Exposure: Sunlight eliminates most of the harmful microbes from the mattress, thus, it is advised to keep the mattress in the sunlight whenever possible. Further, place the mattress where the sunlight reaches during the daytime.
    • Keep Pets Away from the Mattress: Pets love to spend time and play on the mattress, but they can damage the mattress by chewing, biting, or peeing on them. You can keep the pets away or train them not to get on the mattress.
    Mattress Steam Cleaning Canberra

    Factors that Affect Mattress Cleanliness and the Health

    Three are several factors that govern the health and cleanliness of your bedding. Here is a list of the vital ones:

    The fabric of the mattress

    The mattress’s life, cleaning requirements, and rate of degeneration depend a lot on the type of mattress. Foam is easy to maintain and lasts longer as compared to other mattresses. Latex, on the other hand, lasts longer compared to sponge and spring mattresses. Our technicians are trained and check the fabric first and then determine whether to steam clean the mattress or not.

    Dust Mites

    Dust mites are microscopic organisms that live on the surface of the mattress and feed on dead skin cells. They are one of the causes of fading and weakening the fibre in the long run. Mattress steam cleaning Canberra services are one of the most effective methods to remove dust mites and other harmful pollutants from your precious mattress.


    Mould on the mattress is more of a threat than a dust mite. They give your mattress a foul smell and slowly break down the material from the inside. It even causes damage to the inner material and makes the mattress uncomfortable to use. Our technicians are experts and have know-how about mattress steam cleaning Canberra services. Call on <ahref=”tel:0370317509″>0370317509 to get the best mattress steam cleaning service in Canberra.


    The place where the mattresses are placed has a significant amount of impact on the life of the mattress. Some mattresses, such as choir mattresses, tend to bend in a particular climate while working perfectly in other climatic conditions. So, always make a wise choice and select the mattress that goes well with the regional climate. Few mattresses such as Latex last longer irrespective of climatic differences.

    Protective Covering

    Generally, mattresses are covered with layers of clothes in the form of a mattress cover, comforter, bedspread, and blankets to stop the body oils and accidental spills from reaching the mattress. Usually, having two layers of coverage is enough to keep them safe against regular wear and tear.

    Proper Cleaning

    Cleaning is the biggest responsibility of owning and using a mattress. Cleaning the mattress requires advanced mattress cleaning Canberra techniques, sanitization, dust mite treatment, and mould removal, which is possible by a professional mattress cleaning Canberra service provider. Failing to clean the mattress edge to edge leads to reducing the life of the mattress.

    How an Unclean Mattress Affects the Health of the User?

    Usually, when one opts for the general mattress cleaning methods, they end up sleeping on an unclean and unhygienic mattress. However, the professional steam clean mattress technique takes care of the dust and microbes that stay deep inside your mattress, and cause allergies or skin diseases.

    An unclean mattress can ruin your sleep and hamper your daily routine. The microbes in the mattress can cause discomfort while sleeping and damage the mattress from within. Further, studies have shown that poor sleep can affect a person’s productivity and cognitive thinking.

    Further, an unclean mattress can cause headaches, itchy eyes, skin rashes, allergies, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, unexplained headaches, and more. So, if you notice any of these signs among your loved ones, call us. We offer the best mattress steam cleaning Canberra services at the most affordable price.

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    FAQ’s about Mattress Steam Cleaning Canberra Services

    Q. How often should the mattress be professionally cleaned?

    Ans: It is essential to clean the mattress every day to get a comfortable sleep. However, it is advised to get it professionally cleaned once in six months.

    Q. How much does mattress steam cleaning cost?

    Ans: The cost to steam clean a mattress depends on the size and the condition of the mattress. But if you are looking for an affordable mattress steam cleaning service, then Futon Mattress Cleaning Canberra is perfect for you.

    Q. Is it possible to get a mattress professionally cleaned?

    Ans: Yes, a mattress can be professionally cleaned. You just ought to call the mattress cleaning experts. Call on 0370317509 to book an appointment.

    Q. Can I clean the mattress using mattress shampoo?

    Ans: Yes, you can use shampoo to clean the mattress. But you need to get expert help before taking any steps.

    Q. Can you remove stains from the carpet?

    Ans: Yes, our technicians are experts and know multiple ways to remove stains without damaging the mattress. Call on 0370317509 to schedule an appointment.