How does a mattress steam cleaning service extend the life of mattresses?

Some items usually found in the house have a long life and need no maintenance. But, when it comes to mattresses, we spend over 8 hours sleeping on it every day, and hence it needs to be maintained and cleaned regularly to have an extended lifespan. The steam clean mattress has a direct and indirect effect on its lifespan of the mattress. In simple words, a mattress that is cleaned regularly will last longer than the ones left unattended. A dirty mattress can cause trouble with your health and sleeping schedule. mattress cleaning Brisbane has numerous methods of cleaning mattresses, but among them, mattress steam cleaning Brisbane services has been the most effective. With our amazing mattress steam cleaning Brisbane, we can deep clean all kinds of mattresses to give you a clean and fresh environment at home.

Just contact Futon mattress cleaning Brisbane and enjoy the luxury of having a clean and hygienic mattress. Our professionals assure a high-quality service of mattress steam cleaning Brisbane.

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    Is a dirty mattress threat to your health?

    The general cleaning of a mattress isn’t enough for removing bacteria from deep within. Here, mattress steam cleaning is a highly effective method for eliminating allergens and bacteria from the mattress. An unclean mattress can cause several health problems which begin with improper sleep. The dust mites and fungus can weaken the fiber and make it uncomfortable while releasing odor. The lack of sleep can further cause stress and hamper cognitive thinking. Hence, availing of mattress steam cleaning Brisbane is crucial else, you may end up experiencing allergies, sore eyes, headaches, and other health problems.

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    How is mattress hygiene gets affected?

    Numerous ways affect the health of a mattress. Here, we are discussing the most common ones, and these are:

    Regional Climate

    The lifespan of a mattress gets affected by its local climate. Some mattresses last longer in a certain environment while some age quickly despite being maintained properly. There are coir mattresses that have a longer lifespan in the Mediterranean climate but get damaged easily in tropical climates. Before, investing in a mattress make a wise choice and purchase the one that goes well with your regional climate. Also, availing of mattress steam cleaning Brisbane service periodically helps in retaining the life of a mattress.

    Material type

    There are several types of mattresses available in the market. But, the lifespan, cleaning methods, and degradation rate depend on the composition of the mattress. The combination of springs and sponges is by far the most easily degradable one. Sponges and spring-based mattresses can easily get damaged, but foam and latex-made mattresses have longer lifespans.

    Protective Clothing

    When mattresses are covered with a mattress cover, bedsheet, and comforter it remains protected and dust build-up happens slowly. The protective layers also prevent body oil and sweat from entering the mattress. All these measures help in boosting the lifespan of the mattress.

    Regular Cleaning

    Mattress Steam Cleaning is quite important when you own mattresses. A deep cleaning helps in the removal of dust mites, and sanitization, but it is not possible without professional help from Futon mattress cleaning Brisbane. Failure in availing of mattress steam cleaning Brisbane services can damage the mattress in a short period.

    Dust Mites

    Dust mites are microscopic organisms, that live inside the mattress and feed on human dead cells. When you don’t steam clean the mattress it develops dust mites that weaken the fiber of the mattress causing color fadedness in the long term.


    Moulds are even more dangerous than dust mites. These fungi easily grow in damp areas, and can even grow inside your mattress. Molds can destroy your mattress from within and also release a foul smell. A mattress with mould can make it uncomfortable to sleep on, hence seeking mattress steam cleaning Brisbane service are vital.

    Tips on the increasing lifespan of mattress by Futon mattress cleaning Brisbane

    • Buy the right size: Make sure your mattress fits the bed perfectly. Bigger-size mattresses may become the victim of uneven pressure, and end up spoiling the inner fibers early.
    • Cover the mattress: Using a mattress cover, bedspread and comforter are essential in protecting the mattress from getting damaged. Futon mattress cleaning Brisbane suggests our customers use all kinds of protective layers on their mattresses, as it helps in filtering out spills and causes less harm to the mattress fabric.
    • Professional Steam clean mattress: Dust mites, body oil, and bacteria are difficult to remove with general cleaning. Hence, seeking professional mattress steam cleaning Brisbane services are essential. Hire Futon mattress cleaning Brisbane for deep and effective cleaning of your mattress.
    • Regular check: Keep a check on your mattress condition after every 6 months. Changes in the weather, humidity, and regular use can boost the germ build-up. Hence, monitor your mattress condition and seek mattress steam cleaning Brisbane services periodically.
    • Sunlight exposure: Keep your mattress outside in direct sunlight, at least once a month. It helps in preventing mould growth and eliminating moisture content in the mattress.
    • Keep pets away: Your pet may pee on your mattress and tear them up. So, avoid allowing pets on the bed. For any query feel free in contacting Futon mattress cleaning Brisbane at 0370317509!

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    FAQ’s about Mattress Steam Cleaning Brisbane Services

    Q. Do you steam clean mattresses on weekends?

    Ans: Yes. Futon mattress cleaning Brisbane provides services on weekends and public holidays as well. Feel free in booking our services of mattress steam cleaning Brisbane anytime you want.

    Q. Can you remove stains from my mattress?

    Ans: Yes. Our professionals are experienced in performing effective stain removal from the mattress.

    Q. What if I don’t feel satisfied with your mattress steam cleaning Brisbane?

    Ans: We, Futon mattress cleaning Brisbane, guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our services. We are ready to re-do the mattress cleaning if you are not happy with it.

    Q. What is so special about Futon mattress cleaning Brisbane?

    Ans: We have been providing mattress steam cleaning in Brisbane for decades. Our professionals are highly qualified and expert mattress cleaners. Our services are affordable and we remain available 24/7 for your help.