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With more than a decade of experience in cleaning and sanitizing mattresses to perfection, Futon Mattress Cleaning Hobart is winning the hearts of all its customers. We are the most reliable name when it comes to Professional Mattress Cleaning Hobart. Our dedicated and certified staff is capable of performing Mattress Cleaning Services for all types of mattresses and all types of stains. Whether you wish to deeply clean your mattress or just do a quick fix for your stained mattress, we can fulfil all those requirements without any hassle. For experiencing the best Mattress Cleaning Service Hobart, just brief us your needs on 0488 859 821 and our experts will be at your place in no time.

Mattress Cleaning Services

Eco-Friendly Solution For Mattress

A mattress is a vital part of our lives because it allows us to sleep comfortably. We understand how important it is to keep your mattress tidy and clean for your good. We have quality mattress cleaning services and use an environmentally safe cleaning approach. It makes the atmosphere in the bedroom and other rooms stable and secure for all. As a result, you won’t have to deal with the smell of cleaning solution after our Hobart service.

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Why you must take mattress Cleaning seriously?

Your mattress is where you spend half of your life relaxing and sleeping. However, it is not so clean as it seems to your eye. Dirt, dust mites, sweat, bacteria, and allergens are all lurking on the mattress surface. And, it gets transferred to every person lying on the mattress. A Professional Mattress Cleaning Service once in a while will ensure you sleep in a clean and sanitized environment. Take a look at some more benefits of Mattress Cleaning Hobart

  • With a mattress deep cleaning you can eliminate dirt and other allergens from your mattress.
  • Bed bugs and pests can be removed efficiently with a professional mattress cleaning service.
  • Deep cleaning mattresses can clear all types of spots and stains on the mattress. Bad odours arising due to dirt, stain, and bacteria presence can be taken care of with mattress deep cleaning.
  • Your mattress can be used for a longer duration of time with regular cleaning. With fewer allergens at home, you will be breathing good quality air.
  • There will be fewer chances of allergies, breathing problems, and discomfort related to dust and dust mites, as the air quality in your home will improve.

All these reasons make it important for you to consider Mattress Professional Cleaning as important as other cleaning tasks of your home.

Mattress Cleaning Hobart

Our Best Services For You

Mould Removal Mattress Mould Removal: Your mattress is the place where you get to relax and be at peace after a hard day’s work. This stress buster needs regular cleaning to keep it hygienic enough.

Dust Mite Treatment Mattress Dust Mite Treatment: Dust mites are tiny organisms present in dark and humid places in your house. Even if you admit cleaning your house to perfection dust mites do appear in some places.

Sanitizing Service Mattress Sanitizing Services: The regular vacuuming and dusting will not remove hidden stains, stubborn spots, and dust mites from your mattress.

Stain Removal Mattress Stain Removal: When the stain is old it becomes difficult to remove it thoroughly as it gets penetrated deep into the mattress. To prevent your mattress from wearing out soon and improving its appearance, invest in Mattress Stain Cleaning Hobart.

Steam cleaning Mattress Steam Cleaning: Mattresses may not look dirty at the first sight, but the fact is, there are a lot of dust mites and bacteria lurking over them.

How our Mattress Cleaning Service is carried out?

Futon Mattress Cleaning Hobart follows some specific steps to effectively clean your mattresses:













An initial inspection of your mattress is required to understand the type of mattress, the kind of stains on them, and decide upon a suitable cleaning method for your mattress.



Dry dust particles and loose soil particles are removed by vacuuming both the sides of the mattress.


Cleaning Solution

We apply a suitable cleaning agent to the mattress surface to eradicate bacteria, germs, and other pollutants.


Anti-bacterial Treatment

In order to prevent your mattress from harmful pollutants, an anti-bacterial solution is applied to the mattress.



Once the mattress is dry, we perform mattress deodorization to eliminate unpleasant odours from the mattress. The deodorizer leaves a blissful fragrance on the mattress.

Give your mattresses a new life by regularly cleaning it at the hands of a professional mattress cleaning service. A clean mattress ensures your house is free from allergies caused by dust mites and bacteria. You can book your appointment with us anytime of the week. We are ready to fight mattress dirt 24×7 all through the week.

Types of Mattress We Clean

Our skilled team of mattress cleaners are capable of handling all types of mattresses including:

  • Foam mattress cleaning
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Pocket spring mattress
  • Latex mattress
  • Innerspring mattress
  • Adjustable base mattress

Tips to keep your mattress in a good condition

  • Use mattress covers and wash them regularly to keep your mattress in clean condition.
  • Always attend to spillage on the mattress with care. Avoid spreading the stain and just use kitchen towel or paper to remove as much liquid as possible.
  • Vacuum the mattress regularly with a good HEPA filter system vacuum machine to steer clear of dust and dirt.
  • Hire a responsible mattress cleaning company to deep clean your mattress using a suitable method.

Why choose Futon Mattress Cleaning Hobart?

It is confusing to choose the best Mattress Professional Cleaning service delivering desired results. We understand your trouble, and it is up to you to make the right decision. We don’t boast about our work, but our work speaks for itself. Futon Mattress Cleaning Hobart is a renowned name in the Mattress Cleaning Service Hobart. Our services have been beneficial to numerous customers due to our vast experience. Over the years, we have gained happy and satisfied customers as a reward of our dedication towards professional Mattress Cleaning Services. There are more reasons to consider our services:


We have more than a decade of industrial experience.


We are licensed, certified, and professional mattress cleaners.


Our cleaning methods make use of powerful equipment for mattress cleaning.


We undertake 24×7 mattress cleaning booking.


Our services guarantee removal of bacteria, mould, dust mites, and germs.


All our cleaning products are non-toxic, pet-safe, and child-safe.


We also offer same day and emergency mattress cleaning services.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority.


Our services are available in pocket-friendly rates.

Now, do you wish to try our Mattress Cleaning Services Hobart? Just dial us on 0488 859 821 and talk to our executives about your requirements. We will send you an obligation-online quote.

Mattress Dry Cleaning

If your mattress is bulky, or you need a quick drying technique to clean your mattress, then go for Mattress Dry Cleaning process. In this method, a cleaning powder is sprinkled on the stained mattress to loosen the dirt and a vacuum is used over it to clean the surface. This way the dirt and excess cleaning powder gets removed during the vacuum cleaning. Reach out to Futon Mattress Cleaning Hobart, for a consultation on mattress maintenance.

Mattress Odour Removal

Due to the presence of sweat stains, urine stains, pet dander, dust, and other bacteria on your mattress, an unpleasant odour is bound to arise. Such bad odour can instantly spoil the ambiance of your bedroom. We at Futon Mattress Cleaning Hobart provides odour removal services to make your mattress free from bad odours. Essential oils are infused into the mattress to deodorize it. When your mattress smells good you will have a better sleep. So, hire our experts to deodorize your mattress and make it smell fresh as a flower.

Mattress Anti Bedbug Treatment

Due to regular use, mattresses are prone to accumulate sweat and body oil almost every night. Bed bugs feast on these sweat stains and survive due to the humidity in the mattress. It is advisable to give your mattresses anti-bedbug and anti-allergy treatment to prevent contracting harmful diseases. At home level, you can expose your mattress to direct sunlight at regular intervals to maintain dryness. Alternatively, you can use a dehumidifier in the room to absorb moisture presence. For a professional treatment contact us immediately for an exceptional mattress anti-bedbug and anti-allergy treatment.

Same Day Mattress Cleaning Hobart Services

We understand your time limitations and emergencies, hence we offer same day and emergency Mattress Cleaning Services. We can reach your place within 30 minutes of appointment booking or whenever you want us to be there. Our staff is friendly and skilled to deal with all kind of mattress troubles. Call us on any time of the day any day of the week, we will provide our 100% effort to meet your requirements.

Get Faster Mattress Cleaning Services in Just One Click

Frequently Asked Questions about Mattress Cleaning Hobart Services

How do you clean and sanitize mattresses?

First, we inspect your mattress to find out the best suited cleaning solution considering your mattress condition. Then, we use our cleaning agent along with baking powder and apply it over the affected area on the mattress. After about 20 minutes, we clear all the excess powder and dirt. Our sanitization process involves eco-friendly products and the latest tools for the desired results.

What is your mattress cleaning charges?

It will depend on the condition of your mattress and the type of treatment required. We will be able to tell you about the exact cost after an initial inspection of the mattress. However, our Mattress Cleaning Services are reasonably charged for one and all.

Are your cleaning methods safe for my kids?

Yes, our cleaning products are child-safe, pet-safe, and eco-friendly. It is totally safe for your mattress fabric too. We assure you that our cleaning methods will not harm your family or your mattress in any way.

Are your services available on an urgent basis?

Yes, we undertake emergency mattress cleaning services also. We understand that mattresses can get dirty anytime of the day, and it is better to get it treated immediately to prevent further damage to the mattress.

How long will my mattress be free from dust mites after sanitizing?

For almost six months your mattress will be protected from dust mites infestation. If you think there might be dust mites after that, you can contact Futon Mattress Cleaning Hobart to schedule an appointment for Mattress Cleaning Service.